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The Traffic Syndicate Review [2024]
By Mike Filsaime & Jesse Doubek

Unlock unparalleled digital marketing success with The Traffic Syndicate Mastermind.
Led by industry giants Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek.

This exclusive program offers a deep dive into advanced traffic generation strategies.
From SEO to social media, PPC, and beyond, gain hands-on experience, invaluable networking opportunities,
and continuous support.

Transform your marketing efforts into measurable growth and join a community of ambitious professionals.
Elevate your digital marketing skills and business potential to new heights.

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The Traffic Syndicate Overview


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    The Traffic Syndicate Review

    What is The Traffic Syndicate?

    The Traffic Syndicate is an exclusive, high-ticket mastermind program meticulously designed to elevate the art and science of traffic generation for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Created by the renowned Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal, this innovative program merges the collaborative intensity of in-person mastermind sessions with the flexibility of online coaching and weekly live training.

    Structured around three main pillars—mastermind gatherings, comprehensive coaching, and continuous live training—The Traffic Syndicate stands out as a comprehensive educational experience. Participants will convene for 5-day mastermind sessions held at the Groove Plex studio in Boca Raton, occurring three times a year.
    These sessions promise an immersive dive into the nuances of traffic generation, facilitated by industry experts including traffic maestros and top media buyers like Jesse Elder and Jason Stockdale.

    Beyond the mastermind events, members will benefit from a weekly coaching program that addresses all facets of traffic generation. From mastering social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to exploring the realms of paid per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), the program covers the entire spectrum of digital marketing strategies.

    At an introductory price of $5,000, with payment plans available, The Traffic Syndicate is not just an investment in learning; it's an investment in transformation. It offers access to proven case studies, expert insights, and a community of ambitious marketers committed to growth.

    This blend of in-person and virtual learning, backed by the expertise of Filsaime, Beal, and a team of digital marketing veterans, makes The Traffic Syndicate a unique opportunity to acquire next-level traffic knowledge and skills, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights.

    What's Included In The Offer?

    The Traffic Syndicate Review

    Essential Elements of The Traffic Syndicate Mastermind


    Conducted at the Groove Plex studio located in Boca Raton, these intensive 5-day
    face-to-face sessions are scheduled thrice annually—in February, June, and October.
    They provide a unique chance for attendees to interact directly with seasoned professionals in digital marketing, explore sophisticated traffic generation methods, and engage in meaningful collaboration with peers in the marketing and entrepreneurial fields.

    In-Depth Coaching and Instruction: Moving beyond elementary teachings, The Traffic Syndicate extends comprehensive coaching and instruction across the full breadth of traffic generation. Whether it's harnessing the power of organic tactics or navigating the complexities of paid advertising, the program equips participants with the
    comprehensive know-how required to cover the vast landscape of traffic generation.

    Regular Live Updates: Committed to the continuous education and progress of its members, The Traffic Syndicate features regular live updates. These interactive sessions are aimed at keeping members abreast of the most current trends and innovations in traffic generation and digital marketing, providing them with the latest strategies and insights needed to enhance their online business presence.

    Let's look at what traffic source they will cover in this Traffic Syndicate coaching program

    Paid Traffic

    Facebook Ads

    Google Ads

    Instagram Ads



    YouTube Ads

    TikTok Ads

    Social Media Free Traffic






    And More..



    On-Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO

  • Pros & Cons of
    The Traffic Syndicate

    Advantages & Disadvantages of The Traffic Syndicate An in-depth look at the benefits and drawbacks of this comprehensive mastermind program.


    Guidance from Experts:
    Gain invaluable insights and advanced tactics directly from industry leaders Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek, which can significantly enhance your digital marketing campaigns.

    All-Encompassing Curriculum: With a focus on all aspects of traffic generation including SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing, this program delivers a holistic educational experience uncommon in singular courses.

    Practical Application: The face-to-face mastermind sessions provide a unique opportunity to put theory into practice, ensuring a more profound comprehension and a hands-on approach to learning.

    Networking Potential: Access to a community of dedicated marketers and professionals through this premium program opens doors to strategic connections that can propel your career or business forward.

    Ongoing Learning and Assistance: Weekly live sessions, along with the added advantage of group mastermind access, offer sustained support and resources for continuous skill enhancement.

    High Return on Investment: Investing in The Traffic Syndicate could yield significant returns by refining your marketing strategies, thereby boosting traffic, conversions, and sales.


    Financial Investment: The program’s cost of $5,000 might be a barrier for some, particularly for individuals or small enterprises with tight training budgets.

    Commitment Requirement: The demanding schedule of the 5-day on-site mastermind and regular weekly engagements necessitates a considerable time investment, which may not suit everyone.

    Location Constraints: The necessity to participate in sessions at the Groove Plex studio in Boca Raton could be inconvenient for those residing at a distance or abroad.

    Risk of Overwhelm: The comprehensive scope of the curriculum may be daunting for digital marketing novices, posing a challenge in terms of information assimilation.

    Selective Enrollment: The thrice-yearly offering limits enrollment opportunities, potentially conflicting with the immediate educational needs or schedules of some individuals.

    Specialized Focus: Those seeking a broader scope of business education may find the program’s concentrated focus on traffic generation too specific for their broader learning objectives.

    Who Are Mike Filsaime
    & Jesse Doubek? 

    Mike Filsaime

    Mike Filsaime

    Frequently celebrated as a giant in the digital marketing sphere, Mike Filsaime's contributions are so significant that if there were a 'Mount Rushmore of Digital Marketing,' his likeness would undoubtedly be etched into it.

    Known for his ability to launch brands that quickly ascend to multi-million-dollar statuses, Mike Filsaime has become a towering figure in digital marketing. Making a significant career shift from leading one of the largest auto dealerships in the USA, Mike redirected his ambitious vision towards developing revolutionary software for online businesses.

    His contributions have led to the creation of pioneering platforms such as ButterflyMarketing, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, and others. Currently, as the CEO and Co-Founder of GrooveDigital™, Inc., he is at the helm of the most in-demand software platforms for digital marketers: Groove.cm and Groove.ai.

    In addition to his technological breakthroughs, Mike has ventured into the film industry as the Executive Producer of 'Shelby Oaks,' a film directed by Chris Stuckmann.

    Jesse Doubek

    Jesse Doubek

    Jesse Doubek stands as a leading figure in online marketing today. As the founder and CEO of Doubek Digital Media, his agency has collaborated with some of the most prominent online entrepreneurs globally, including New York Times Bestselling Authors like Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, and Sonia Choquette, driving over $10 million in sales.

    His educational programs have empowered students to gather thousands of fans, leads, and sales through live events, online courses, and personalized coaching.

    However, Jesse's journey to success was not straightforward. In college, he was on the path to becoming a professional basketball player, but a severe knee injury abruptly halted his sports career. This setback left Jesse without a clear direction in life and burdened with over $120,000 in student debt, leading him to start his business from his father's spare room.

    Today, Jesse has transformed his circumstances, achieving a debt-free status with a flourishing business, exceptional clients, and a committed team. He is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses through intelligent advertising, impactful content, and efficient sales funnels.


    The Traffic Syndicate program offers a robust framework for anyone looking to significantly enhance their digital marketing and traffic generation capabilities.

    Despite its $5,000 cost, plus an additional $25K for collective mastermind access, the investment seems justifiable for dedicated marketers. This is due to the access to leading figures like Mike Filsaime and Jesse Doubek, a comprehensive curriculum, and an immersive educational experience.

    The program excels in providing a well-rounded learning journey, covering every aspect of traffic generation and offering practical application opportunities. The networking opportunities and the community it builds are equally significant, offering long-term benefits beyond the coursework. However, the financial commitment and the intensive nature of the program, along with logistical challenges for non-local participants, might limit its accessibility.

    In summary, The Traffic Syndicate is a valuable investment for those committed to advancing their digital marketing careers, offering unparalleled learning opportunities, networking, and practical experience.

    For those ready to invest both financially and in terms of time, it promises substantial returns on professional growth and marketing success.

    The Traffic Syndicate Affiliate Program

    As an affiliate interested in promoting this mastermind program, you're invited to sign up by establishing an account.

    Completing your affiliate signup is quick, taking just a minute.
    You'll receive a 40% commission for each sale you facilitate.

    Additionally, by referring other affiliates, you can earn 10% of the revenue they produce.

    This program ranks among the top high-ticket affiliate opportunities available, offering substantial commission potential.  The Traffic Syndicate stands out as a premier program with a strong potential for high conversion rates, meaning more sales opportunities for those who invest effort.

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